Original Article

3D printing of intracranial artery stenosis based on the source images of magnetic resonance angiograph
Wei-Hai Xu, Jia Liu, Ming-Li Li, Zhao-Yong Sun, Jie Chen, Jian-Huang Wu
Luminal thrombosis in middle cerebral artery occlusions: a high-resolution MRI study
Wei-Hai Xu, Ming-Li Li, Jing-Wen Niu, Feng Feng, Zheng-Yu Jin, Shan Gao
Low awareness of stroke guidelines and preference for Chinese herbs in community physicians: a national survey in China
Jing-Wen Niu, Jing Yuan, Shan Gao, Wei-Hai Xu
Moyamoya syndrome associated with Graves’ disease: a case series study
Jun Ni, Li-Xin Zhou, Yan-Ping Wei, Ming-Li Li, Wei-Hai Xu, Shan Gao, Li-Ying Cui

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Prof. Yi-Tao Ding: my dream of building the best humanistic hospital in China
Grace Li

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